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We are dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach towards research that bridges the areas of nanoscale photonics, nanostructured materials, and plasmonics as well as their potential applications in optoelectronics and the biological sciences. The research topics transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines and are typically a combination of fundamental science exploration, engineering design and optimization, device fabrication and characterization, and various applications. Detailed research topics include but not limited to: super-resolution high speed microscopy, biophotonics, computational imaging and spectroscopy, plasmonics and metamaterials, extreme nonlinearities and integrated optics, nanoscale light sources, and quantum sensing.

Recent News

January 2024
Featured news
Yu, Li, and Wonjae's paper on "Low-Dimensional Heat Conduction In Surface Phonon Polariton Waveguide" was reported by Physics World. Related Press release: Physics World
November 2023
Featured news
Prof. Liu received the award to build the first metamaterial-enabled structured illumination microscope (MESIM)! Related press release: UC San Diego Today and Qualcomm Institute
July 2022
Featured news
Junxiao's paper on "Fourier optical spin splitting microscopy" was highlighted by the editors as an Editors’ Suggestion of Physical Review Letters.
November 2021
Featured news
Luna's paper on "Organic Hyperbolic Material Assisted Illumination Nanoscopy", was selected as an inner front cover of Advanced Science.
June 2021
Featured news
Our recent work on Metamaterial assisted illumination nanoscopy is featured by Jacobs School of Engineering.
April 2021
Fellowship Award
Congratulations to Zachary who received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) award!
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Research Areas

High Speed Super-Resolution Imaging Super Contrast Imaging and Bio-Photonics Optical Sensing and Optical Instrumentation Plasmonics and Metamaterials Extreme Nonlinearities Integrated Nonlinear Optics Ultra-compact High-Speed Light Sources and Detectors Plasmonics Enhanced LEDs Ultrafast Optoelectronics Nano-manufacturing

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